Without Me He Won’t


Sometimes I throw up word pictures on my Instagram, which is synced to my Twitter, which is tied to my Facebook (and am I the only one thinking about the hip bone connected to the thigh bone?). These takeaway thoughts are always pulled straight from what's going on in my own life. Meaning, I'm "preaching" to myself first, and then to anyone listening out there in social media land. Today, I thought I'd flesh out something I posted Tuesday night. Here are those words and the picture that accompanied them: I have endless reasons to praise Jesus but on the top of my list right now is how He rescues me from painful circular thinking.Be it a perceived offense, a disappointment, or a worry, if I resist the urge to nurture it and ask Him for help, He is faithful to give me grace to quit … [Read more...]



Can I testify? God has taught me that as soon as I realize I'm having an imaginary conversation with someone in my head and telling them "a thing or two" about something he or she has said or done, I best stop thinking and commence to praying for that person right then and there IF I don't want the wound or offense to produce a very real root of bitterness that will become much harder to uproot IF left to fester. It gets better. IF I ask He is most faithful to alert me to such destructive thought patterns -- and IF I yield, He will soften my heart in the process of praying for the other person until I have more love to offer and fresh forgiveness to extend. I don't have an endless supply of patience and mercy, but Jesus does, and I have access to all He is IF I will yield … [Read more...]

From a Morning of Wonder to a Night of Hope


Friday morning found me on the dock in my backyard contemplating God's wonder as He woke the world. It ended with my head resting on a hotel pillow in Baton Rouge, LA beside my darling man, trying to find a place to park a jumble of emotions. The hours in between hold a story of dream, perseverance, and hope. A Night of Hope. Night of Hope was the inaugural charity event put on by my daughter and her husband, Patrick and Jessica Maher, to benefit their non-profit foundation, Hope Without Borders.  You can read about the foundation, the beauty and promise of Hope Houses, and how the dream was born in Jessica's heart during a mission trip to El Salvador at her website, along with how you can get involved here and now in the onset of something amazing. God's kind of … [Read more...]

When It Seems Too Much To Ask


What would prayer do? Those words dropped in my heart around midnight several weeks ago with such power that it woke me from a deep sleep. I slept lightly the rest of the night, drifting in and out of full consciousness, but always with that phrase presenting itself front and center in my thoughts.  What would prayer do? I knew it was a riff of the line, "What would Jesus do?" but I also knew the Spirit of God was using the question to talk to me. I recognized His voice both by the weightiness of the words and by the way He teaches me. Meditating on those words has been enlightening to say the the least. Through them, I've become aware that even though I've come to love and value prayer, there are some things I'm just not prone to pray about because... well, there seems to be a … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Home, A Love Story


It's been two years since I wrote about my Searching Dreams, and how I always wake up from them drained and depleted. I looked it up. I don't know how many recurrences I've had since. They come like clockwork. Searching Dreams, that's what I’ve taken to calling the nightly dramas I have so often. It’s almost impossible to explain them to a second party, but this is how I described them to y'all in March of 2013... My searching dreams always have a destination I urgently need to reach— only I’m unable to make any forward progress because the setting and the circumstances keep changing. I may start out on a bike that morphs into a car, or a motorcycle that becomes a boat, but every vehicle I find myself in will inevitably fail and force me to change modes of transportation about the time … [Read more...]