When Our Quest in Misguided

December 20, 2014No Comments

This past July I was sitting underneath a whirling fan on my back porch with a huge glass of sweet

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A Heart Wide Open Christmas Recap for Newcomers to our Advent Journey

December 6, 20143 Comments

Hello friends! We're only six days into our Advent Invitation and the feedback I'm getting from

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A Heart Wide Open Christmas

October 4, 201413 Comments

Welcome! If you've landed here without a clue as to what's going on, you can read all about A Heart

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I Find You Waiting

September 11, 20143 Comments

I texted her late last night. Because she lives too far from me. Because her city is large and has

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August 2, 20142 Comments

I'll begin with an unashamed announcement. This party loving people person right here adores social

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Mea Cupla from Video Woman and a DVD Give-a-Way of Heart Wide Open

June 13, 201432 Comments

I’ve had zero qualms about chatting up the world about Heart Wide Open, at least in the book format.

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Losing Sight of Myself

May 9, 2014No Comments

and gazing at Jesus. This is the door to worship.

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Focus on Christ

May 5, 2014No Comments

not your performance.

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Are you headed for heaven

May 2, 2014No Comments

and starving for the grace of Christ?

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DYI Righteousness

April 30, 2014No Comments

It grieves the heart of God.

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Legalism’s Weak Spot

April 29, 2014No Comments

will always be the blood of Jesus Christ.

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April 28, 20142 Comments

Your crafty foe.

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It’s Not How Much Faith You Have

April 26, 2014No Comments

It's what you're doing with it.

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Want to Make History?

April 25, 2014No Comments

Learn obedience.

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Glory is Revealed

April 24, 2014No Comments

When human hearts yield.

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What’s In It For Me?

April 23, 2014No Comments

Yield to truly live.

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God Dreams Big For You

April 22, 2014No Comments

So you can dream bigger, too.

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Want Some Miracle Grow for your Mustard Seed Faith?

April 20, 20141 Comment

Obeying God will cause your faith to flourish.

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The Fullest Life is found in acknowledging God

April 18, 2014No Comments

The fullest life is not found in being acknowledged, but in acknowledge God.

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If You’re Hungry to Know God

April 17, 2014No Comments

You've felt Him call.

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We can expect something amazing to happen

April 16, 2014No Comments

When we get intentional about looking for God.

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Are you trying to find time in your day for God?

April 15, 2014No Comments

Why not make it your goal to find God throughout your day instead.

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