A Heart Wide Open Christmas Recap for Newcomers to our Advent Journey

Hello friends! We’re only six days into our Advent Invitation and the feedback I’m getting from y’all is literally blessing my socks off! One Jesus loving girlfriend re-imagined her entire Christmas tree this year, and graciously attributed the idea to our Heart Wide Open Christmas journey! Check this out. She used special ornaments given to… Read More

A Heart Wide Open Christmas

Welcome! If you’ve landed here without a clue as to what’s going on, you can read all about A Heart Wide Open Christmas here. For those of you ready to kick off our journey together, I’m about to bust to get started, but first a reminder. Beginning tomorrow morning, our Advent Invitation will blog hop!… Read More

I Find You Waiting

I texted her late last night. Because she lives too far from me. Because her city is large and has been mentioned as a target. Because even though she has a husband and children of her own, she’ll always be my little girl and the instinct to protect her will always be strong. So, tomorrow… Read More


I’ll begin with an unashamed announcement. This party loving people person right here adores social media. I’m all over the ones I can figure out, (Hello Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!) and if I could  decide what to do with the others, I’d be all over them as well. (Sorry Goodreads, Linkedin and Google+– but I… Read More

What Would My World Look Life– IF

Mea Cupla from Video Woman and a DVD Give-a-Way of Heart Wide Open

I’ve had zero qualms about chatting up the world about Heart Wide Open, at least in the book format. The DVD teaching? Not so much. And that’s not right. My relative silence doesn’t do justice to do the message of Heart Wide Open and it definitely doesn’t honor the self-sacrificing labor that so many people… Read More