Jessica Robertson visits All Things Southern


Several weeks ago now I had Jep and Jessica Robertson, stars of the hit A&E reality show Duck Dynasty in the ATS LIVE studio with me to talk about their book, The Good, The Bad, and The Grace of God.  I so enjoyed their visit and the message of this book stayed with me long after I read it. It's why I circled back and asked Jessica if she would join me for a print interview. She graciously agreed. I wasn't surprised. Jessica is as grounded as the rest of her famous family. I know you'll enjoy her visit, so we'll get right to it..   Hello Jessica! Thank you for The Good, The Bad, and The Grace of God.  I must admit, the span of wit and wisdom contained in it took me by surprise. Oh, I knew full well that I would be entertained by your book, because both you and your … [Read more...]

Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce!


Okay, I can't stand it. I've got to stop and tell y'all more about the project I'm working on called Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce. It's a cookbook/memoir, scheduled for an October 2016 release by Barbour Publishing and I'm super excited about it for a host of reasons. For starters, long-time readers have been asking me to compile a cookbook for more than a decade now. (If you're in that number, thank you-- and may I remind you of the old saying "better late than never"?) I'm delighted to let y'all know that you've been heard! I'm also pumped about the project because the good folks at Barbour have given me a ton of creative license with the narrative that will surround 125 recipes and 80 full color photographs. By that I mean that I don't have to separate my love of humor and … [Read more...]

Without Me He Won’t


Sometimes I throw up word pictures on my Instagram, which is synced to my Twitter, which is tied to my Facebook (and am I the only one thinking about the hip bone connected to the thigh bone?). These takeaway thoughts are always pulled straight from what's going on in my own life. Meaning, I'm "preaching" to myself first, and then to anyone listening out there in social media land. Today, I thought I'd flesh out something I posted Tuesday night. Here are those words and the picture that accompanied them: I have endless reasons to praise Jesus but on the top of my list right now is how He rescues me from painful circular thinking.Be it a perceived offense, a disappointment, or a worry, if I resist the urge to nurture it and ask Him for help, He is faithful to give me grace to quit … [Read more...]

When It Seems Too Much To Ask


What would prayer do? Those words dropped in my heart around midnight several weeks ago with such power that it woke me from a deep sleep. I slept lightly the rest of the night, drifting in and out of full consciousness, but always with that phrase presenting itself front and center in my thoughts.  What would prayer do? I knew it was a riff of the line, "What would Jesus do?" but I also knew the Spirit of God was using the question to talk to me. I recognized His voice both by the weightiness of the words and by the way He teaches me. Meditating on those words has been enlightening to say the the least. Through them, I've become aware that even though I've come to love and value prayer, there are some things I'm just not prone to pray about because... well, there seems to be a … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades of Heartbreak


That would be me -- whenever I think about the movie opening this weekend, right in time for Valentine's Day, a holiday meant to honor true love. Only it doesn't. Fifty Shades of Grey poses as romance while celebrating lust, bondage, and torture. Before you ask, the answer is no. I did not read the book, but nor do I live on Mars. What's more, my man and I were recently subjected to the trailer as we awaited another movie we had paid to see. So, yes, I stand by my description. I should also tell you that I've considered the cost of wading in on this conversation and the controversial feedback I may be inviting. I'm choosing to post anyway because I love people and I mourn the havoc sin inflicts on us, as individuals and society at large. But we'll circle back to the repercussions. I … [Read more...]