This CLOSE to a miracle!


Hear ye, hear ye! My son and daughter-in-law presented us with grandchild number five this week. Meet Weston Phillip Tomlinson, 8 pounds 8 ounces, born 12:22 PM, 11/13/13. As you might imagine, Weston has already staked his claim in my heart. My cup runneth over in a big way... The z-monster was pulling on my eyelids last night when I was tip-tapping these words. It would've been wise to get in bed. Weston's older sisters are staying with us until he gets home with his parents and those two don't know the meaning of sleeping late-- at least not in this house. The way they see it, there's too much playing to do at Keggie and Pops and not enough time to do it! But I couldn't, turn in that is-- not until I tended to this most important thing weighing on my mind. Precisely … [Read more...]

Trouble in Texas? I report, You Decide


Perhaps you've seen images of Coach Les Miles "holding" his frenzied caged Tigers in the tunnel before a big game. It looks like this.  He waits as long as possible before he "releases" them on the opposition. What you may not know is that there is another coach in Houston, TX who is tasked with restraining a similar group of frenzied athletes. While they are playing a different sport, you can clearly see from the following picture that it takes a supreme effort from Coach Maher to keep his ferocious ball players restrained until the time comes for them to take the field. In the interest of full disclosure, I will confirm rumors that the coach in question is indeed our son-in-law. That said, an image has been captured that manages to convey the level of aggression displayed by … [Read more...]

Leaving on a Jet Plane…


Hey y'all! I write to you with mixed emotions from a hotel room in Loveland, CO. I’ve been here all week as the guest of Resurrection Fellowship, where I’ve been teaching my book Heart Wide Open for the last three evenings. Rez (as they are more informally known), has been recording these sessions to produce a DVD of the event. Let it be known that I am officially in love with these people. They could not have been any nicer, any more welcoming, or any more invested in this project. I would love to thank those who built the set, ran the cameras, manned the sound booth etc.., but I would surely leave someone out. Let’s just say that Pastor Adam, head of the media department, rocks along with his talented team. (I hope that was safe enough!) I'm happy, happy, happy to be catching a flight … [Read more...]

The Rest of Mercy’s Story


I knew I would have to tell y’all.  I thought I’d waited long enough that I might be able to do it without crying. I was wrong. Again. Last Sunday I flew home from Georgia and landed in Monroe, LA. My first stop on the drive home from the airport was Highway 2. I needed to see my man in the worst way and that meant riding the combine with him as he harvested corn. We enjoyed a sweet reunion as the big machine lumbered down the field, and of course, I insisted on taking pictures. It would not bother Phil if he were never in another picture as long as he lived, so help me Good Lord I’m telling the truth here, but I do so like to document everything. Everything. It’s how He made me. It’s why I knew I would eventually have to share this story. We had made a few rounds when Phil … [Read more...]