The Disembodied Hand – A Halloween Story

So you like a spooky story, do you? Well, I’ve got just what the creepy doctor ordered. We’ll be reading straight from the fifth chapter of Daniel. Of course, I’m just dying to add some commentary here and there, but I’ll put my thoughts in italics to make double dog sure there’s no misunderstanding. Once… Read More

Trouble in Texas? I report, You Decide

Perhaps you’ve seen images of Coach Les Miles “holding” his frenzied caged Tigers in the tunnel before a big game. It looks like this.  He waits as long as possible before he “releases” them on the opposition. What you may not know is that there is another coach in Houston, TX who is tasked with restraining a similar group of frenzied… Read More

Oughta Be Shamed to the Knees

We have a saying in the South, “He oughta be shamed to his knees.” The observation is made of someone who has made choices that seem to have embarrassed everyone but the one making them. Generally, there’s a widely agreed upon and unspoken progression of thought tacked on the end: He oughta be shamed to… Read More

A Note to My 17-Year-Old Self by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

*I originally wrote this post for another site I contribute to called Southern Belleview. Posting it here because I thought y’all might enjoy it, too. I would love for you to write a note to your 17 yr. old self in the comments. It doesn’t have to be this long but it sure would be… Read More

Thoughts from the Backwards Jogger

Yes, literally. In an effort, I suppose, to stay true to my life’s overall theme, my knees are weird. FYI, my knees have ALWAYS hurt. When I was a teenager running bleachers during basketball conditioning I thought it was normal– that everyone’s knees were aching. A trip to the ortho in my 30’s when I… Read More