ATS Facebook Funny of the Week Nomination

August 31, 20113 Comments

Earlier in the week, I got an email that said one of my friends had posted a picture of me on

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Anthrax in LP?

August 30, 20111 Comment

Hey y'all! Today is National Holistic Pet Day! I looked it up, it means we should be considerate of

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Play Stump Shellie on ATS LIVE!

August 29, 2011No Comments

Hey y'all, it's Monday and that means I'll be on air this evening from 5:00 to 6:00 PM CST hosting

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This Belle hates to miss a good shindig…

August 28, 2011No Comments

If you are Mr. or Mrs. Goodread, you'll need to give me some time to get up to basics, but after

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I’m Having Withdrawals

August 27, 20118 Comments

It's done. I've packed my and Phil's lunches and I'm headed to the field (laptop in tow) to visit

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Nat’l Kiss and Makeup Day (or settling for a forced peace)

August 25, 20114 Comments

In observance of Nat'l Kiss and Makeup Day, I dedicate this post to my fine Southern Mama who

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Lost in a Peanuts Cartoon Strip

August 23, 2011No Comments

Do y'all remember this post:

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Today on ATS LIVE: Robin Jones Gunn, plus your chance to win ATS t-shirt!

August 22, 2011No Comments

Hey y'all! I just finished laying radio tracks for next week's canned daily segments of All Things

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What do you see in this picture?

August 21, 201119 Comments

I have a piece of artwork sitting on a bookshelf here in the family room that has become quite the

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Son Bathing on the Dock

August 18, 20111 Comment

Hey y'all, I wish every last one of you could have been with me on my dock this morning! Worship

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Guys– Brian Goins will talk about “Playing Hurt” today on ATS LIVE!

August 15, 20111 Comment

Hey Y'all, I'm at the studio getting ready for today's show. Hope you're planning on tuning in.

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Got to keep it moving –

August 12, 20111 Comment

Taking time/making time to ride the combine with my man. This shot is from inside the cab. We're

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Meet Tricia Goyer and win a copy of Sue Ellen’s Girl Ain’t Fat, She just Weighs Heavy– today on ATS LIVE!

August 8, 20114 Comments

Hey y'all, I'm peddling hard this morning to recover from the weekend trip to Houston (simply MUST

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Do I look like Charlie Brown?!

August 8, 20111 Comment

That Lucy! She needs a whooping.  Time after time she promises Charlie Brown that she'll hold his

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Greetings from some of my fellow God loving Americans.

August 6, 2011No Comments

From the floor of Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX and "The Response" to the call to prayer!

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Today on ATS LIVE — author and speaker Denise Hildreth Jones

August 1, 2011No Comments

Hey y'all-- busy day straight ahead! I'm laying radio tracks here at the home of ATS this

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My Keggie Cracks Me Up!

July 29, 20118 Comments

Hey y'all! I'm the Sweetness Czar of ATS. That's what my Keggie calls me. My folks named me Carlisle

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The Dog Rules, Sanctioned by Dixie Belle the Squirrel Patrol Czar

July 28, 201110 Comments

Hey y'all, I would love to say that I wrote these rules. I did not. They came via an email, but

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I Brought You Home in my Heart

July 22, 20111 Comment

Dear friend I met at Perdido Bay, We had such a short time to visit-- but your warm and easy nature

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Decorating Disaster of Perdido Bay

July 20, 2011No Comments

Hey y'all! I see all of your lovely messages on twitter and Fbook and I'll get to 'em, tomboy

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Family Reunions or Uncle Who Did What?!

July 18, 20112 Comments

Hey y'all, "tell the truth and stay in church", (that would be one of my peoples' fav sayings), did

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Don’t Feed the Author

July 15, 20112 Comments

Hey y'all, this morning's book signing/discussion for Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs

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Bring words with you and follow me

July 13, 20113 Comments

Hey y'all, Like me, you may have read the following prayer before. Like me, you may want to read it

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The Sweetness Czar…

July 12, 20111 Comment

...arriving at the ATS office early this a.m. She is saying "Don't touch this bottle and no one gets

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