When It Seems Too Much To Ask


What would prayer do? Those words dropped in my heart around midnight several weeks ago with such power that it woke me from a deep sleep. I slept lightly the rest of the night, drifting in and out of full consciousness, but always with that phrase presenting itself front and center in my thoughts.  What would prayer do? I knew it was a riff of the line, "What would Jesus do?" but I also knew the Spirit of God was using the question to talk to me. I recognized His voice both by the weightiness of the words and by the way He teaches me. Meditating on those words has been enlightening to say the the least. Through them, I've become aware that even though I've come to love and value prayer, there are some things I'm just not prone to pray about because... well, there seems to be a … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Home, A Love Story


It's been two years since I wrote about my Searching Dreams, and how I always wake up from them drained and depleted. I looked it up. I don't know how many recurrences I've had since. They come like clockwork. Searching Dreams, that's what I’ve taken to calling the nightly dramas I have so often. It’s almost impossible to explain them to a second party, but this is how I described them to y'all in March of 2013... My searching dreams always have a destination I urgently need to reach— only I’m unable to make any forward progress because the setting and the circumstances keep changing. I may start out on a bike that morphs into a car, or a motorcycle that becomes a boat, but every vehicle I find myself in will inevitably fail and force me to change modes of transportation about the time … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades of Heartbreak


That would be me -- whenever I think about the movie opening this weekend, right in time for Valentine's Day, a holiday meant to honor true love. Only it doesn't. Fifty Shades of Grey poses as romance while celebrating lust, bondage, and torture. Before you ask, the answer is no. I did not read the book, but nor do I live on Mars. What's more, my man and I were recently subjected to the trailer as we awaited another movie we had paid to see. So, yes, I stand by my description. I should also tell you that I've considered the cost of wading in on this conversation and the controversial feedback I may be inviting. I'm choosing to post anyway because I love people and I mourn the havoc sin inflicts on us, as individuals and society at large. But we'll circle back to the repercussions. I … [Read more...]

Empty Me


There's this song, Empty Me by Chris Sligh. The lyrics strip me down every time I play it... "I've had just enough of the spotlight when it burns bright to see how it gets in the blood and I've tasted my share of the sweet life and the wild ride and found a little is not quite enough. I know how I can stray and how fast my heart could change." I think you get those lyrics, too. You may not have occupied a platform or a stage, but you've done something at some point well enough to elicit praise. You wrote, sang, photographed, cooked, helped, coached, nursed or gave. Add to the list until you see yourself, but whatever was produced from your efforts was recognized and appreciated -- and it sat well with you. We give ourselves to man's approval like a dog to … [Read more...]

A Divine Starting Place without a Finish Line


It's here, friends, Christmas Day has come. Please know that I'm forever touched by your desire to spend this season with me and my sweet author friends, (thanks again Tricia, Joneal, Marybeth, and Mary!) However close we came to celebrating the true meaning of Christmas throughout this season, or how far from the mark we found ourselves falling, our goal was a worthy one and Christmas Day has arrived offering us yet another brand new opportunity to worship. It's the only day we have to love Him, you know. Yesterday is over and tomorrow isn't ours. And yet, if we aren't sitting in a candle lit church this morning listening to reverent organ music we can feel far from holy. We can feel strangely distant, and curiously cold amidst all the paper, boxes, and bows. If our goal is to worship … [Read more...]