What Are You Collecting?

March 18, 2014No Comments

What are you collecting? Hugs, Shellie

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MY BFF IS Turning the Tables (Or, ATS LIVE Will Never Be The Same)

March 17, 2014No Comments

I was going to say that my best friend is commandeering ATS LIVE tomorrow evening but Red (A.k.A.

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Why Launching a Book is Like Birthing a Baby

March 8, 2014No Comments

It hit me earlier today that launching a book feels a lot like birthing a baby. I've done both.

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Have you been overcome?

March 2, 201411 Comments

Every good little believer wants to be an overcomer.  It's one of the promises we like to stand on,

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Share the Glory

February 13, 2014No Comments

My cousin sent me this video. I've watched it more than once, especially the end. Those closing

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Shellie’s Speaking at The Greenbriar “America’s Resort” March 29th, 2014

February 9, 2014No Comments

I'm so looking forward to speaking at Women's Weekend at  The Greenbriar in White Sulfur Springs,

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Author, speaker, blogger Karen Spears Zacharias on ATS LIVE today!

February 3, 20141 Comment

There is only one Karen Spears Zacharias and in about an hour, give or take a few minutes, she'll be

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Shouting Ground!

December 1, 20138 Comments

I can scarcely contain myself as I sit down to write.  My heart's overflowing, my eye makeup is

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Puzzle Therapy and Family Traditions

November 25, 20132 Comments

I'm thinking about y'all tonight. Your faces came to me as I sifted the pile for border

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This CLOSE to a miracle!

November 15, 2013No Comments

Hear ye, hear ye! My son and daughter-in-law presented us with grandchild number five this

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The Disembodied Hand – A Halloween Story

October 31, 2013No Comments

So you like a spooky story, do you? Well, I’ve got just what the creepy doctor ordered. We’ll be

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Who Wants to Be a Miracle With Me?

October 21, 20135 Comments

November is fast approaching and I've been trying to make a decision that concerns the All Things

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Join ATS LIVE Monday, 21st, for some Duck Dynasty Fun!

October 20, 20133 Comments

Big time Duck Dynasty fun coming to ATS LIVE tomorrow! Kay Robertson will in studio to talk about

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Trouble in Texas? I report, You Decide

October 18, 2013No Comments

Perhaps you've seen images of Coach Les Miles "holding" his frenzied caged Tigers in the tunnel

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American Author Returns to ATS LIVE, Monday Oct. 14th!

October 13, 20132 Comments

It's back! Hey y'all, join me this Monday evening for another fun evening on ATS LIVE as we welcome

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Monday on ATS LIVE: A Better December (Starts in October)

October 7, 2013No Comments

It's going to look a lot like Christmas on ATS LIVE tomorrow afternoon. WHAT? You, too,

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Leaving on a Jet Plane…

September 22, 2013No Comments

Hey y'all! I write to you with mixed emotions from a hotel room in Loveland, CO. I’ve been here all

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Canned Meat, Radio, Travel Plans, and Rotten Eggs– this post has it all.

September 13, 20134 Comments

Hey y'all! This is a just a stream of consciousness/touching base/housekeeping type of post since I

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The Rest of Mercy’s Story

August 25, 201315 Comments

I knew I would have to tell y’all.  I thought I’d waited long enough that I might be able to do it

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Oughta Be Shamed to the Knees

August 5, 20133 Comments

We have a saying in the South, “He oughta be shamed to his knees.” The observation is made of

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Have Mercy, Won’t You Stay?

August 1, 201322 Comments

By the time I finished praying, it was later than usual. I hated the idea of missing my morning

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Jolina Petersheim to visit ATS LIVE today, July 22nd, 5:00 to 6:00 Central

July 22, 2013No Comments

And this shall set a new post record as I need to get in the road: I'm looking forward to

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ATS LIVE will be swangin’ in just a few with special guest Beth K. Vogt

July 15, 2013No Comments

Hey y'all! Sliding into the station right under the wire. You're right. You can file that under

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A Note to My 17-Year-Old Self by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

June 16, 20133 Comments

*I originally wrote this post for another site I contribute to called Southern Belleview. Posting it

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