I'll begin with an unashamed announcement. This party loving people person right here adores social media. I'm all over the ones I can figure out, (Hello Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!) and if I could  decide what to do with the others, I'd be all over them as well. (Sorry Goodreads, Linkedin and Google+-- but I do try to be timely in accepting my friend requests, so there's that. ) I'm hoping that by putting that disclaimer up front, it will be clear what I'm not saying before I start saying what I am saying. Are we good? (If you are already confused, you're  probably a new reader and I may have wasted the entire ten seconds of your attention span that I have access to before you click to the next squirrel video. Bummer. Do come back.) S.O.S. Those of you who are still … [Read more...]

What Would My World Look Life– IF


Yesterday morning I became intrigued with another side of gratitude, or rather, the lack of it. Seeing as the idea is still with me, I decided to hit pause. No wordy post. I simply pose the same questions to you that are challenging me.         What would my world look like? How about yours? Today I am considering the unfathomable love of God who gives without acknowledgement or restraint. Hugs, Shellie       … [Read more...]

Mea Cupla from Video Woman and a DVD Give-a-Way of Heart Wide Open


I’ve had zero qualms about chatting up the world about Heart Wide Open, at least in the book format. The DVD teaching? Not so much. And that’s not right. My relative silence doesn’t do justice to do the message of Heart Wide Open and it definitely doesn’t honor the self-sacrificing labor that so many people poured into the DVD’s release. This, then, is my mea culpa to all involved. My hope for  this transparent post is to blow my own cover about this thing once and for all. To join me on this odd little journey, you’ll need some back story. Producing a DVD teaching wasn’t on my radar when I finished writing Heart Wide Open.  My friend, Jonathan Wiggins, senior pastor of Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, CO had been a call in guest on my radio talk show the evening the opportunity … [Read more...]