Just Doing a Little Light Reading

April 11, 20135 Comments

Wednesdays are bellerina days here at All Things Southern. The little belles and I get to play while

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I See the Moon

March 29, 20131 Comment

The most beautiful moon led me home last night. I knew my cell phone camera wouldn't do it justice,

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Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Calloway and Writer/Director of Crossroad to visit ATS LIVE March, 25th!

March 25, 20132 Comments

I don't know where else you plan to be tomorrow evening from 5:00 to 6:00 PM Central time, but if

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Not Without Purpose by Phil Sims

March 22, 20131 Comment

Phil Sims, a Vietnam veteran, served in the US Navy for seven years, five of them aboard the USS

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Shoutout to the best readers/radio listeners out there!

March 5, 20131 Comment

I tell people all the time that I have the best readers and radio listeners out there, anywhere. I'm

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The ATS “Keep Calm and Bless Their Hearts” T-Shirt Makes it to the Shopping Cart!

March 1, 20135 Comments

Thank you for your patience! I finally got the new ATS T-Shirts in the shopping cart! They're being

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Getting to Know You!

February 23, 201314 Comments

Ten multiple choice questions that shouldn't take more than thirty seconds and it's entirely

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Morning Love Blast from All Things Southern

February 18, 2013No Comments

  Ran across one of my absolute favorite Oswald Chambers quotes this morning and just

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Toilet Booger Telling at Shellie TV

February 18, 20132 Comments

Hello dear readers! I thought I'd let y'all know there's a new video clip up on Shellie TV. It's a

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Valentine’s Day Post. Belles, Make Sure Your Bubbas See This

February 13, 20137 Comments

Hey y'all! Addressing Valentines Day was not on my agenda when I woke up this morning.  The ATS

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LOVE is in the air today on ATS LIVE with Special Guest Jonathan Wiggins!

February 11, 20132 Comments

Hey y'all! I'm in a full out run today after a weekend of lovely chaos and tremendous celebration!

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Writer/Director Corbin Bernson visits ATS LIVE tomorrow/Jan.28th

January 28, 20131 Comment

Hey y'all! I'm fresh in from speaking at the Cowgirl Convention in Tyler, TX. My BFF traveled with

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Touring The Redneck Radio Studio

January 23, 20131 Comment

Hey y'all! I'm making good on a promise I made a while back to let y'all tour the Redneck Radio

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The Show Must Go On — (and it will!)

January 14, 2013No Comments

Isn't that what they say? I don't know who "they" are and I don't always listen to them, but for

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(New Post) Who Needs Facebook

January 12, 20132 Comments

Facebook can be a drain on your time...if you let it. Sometimes Facebook seems more like Drama

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They Got Me!

January 8, 20134 Comments

My grown kids surprised me at Christmas. It was a wow moment, a tear-jerker, a really cool

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