Join me Monday Evening for another swinging hour of ATS LIVE

January 7, 2013No Comments

Hey friends! I'll be back on air tomorrow evening with another fun evening of ATS LIVE and I

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Bless Their Hearts

January 5, 20134 Comments

Hey y'all, I'm super excited! Should have the new All Things Southern "Bless Their Hearts" t-shirts

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Grace Came to Stay

December 27, 2012No Comments

Hey friends and family and readers who feel like friends and family. I hope all of you had a lovely

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Belle Rules of Regifting!

December 21, 2012No Comments

Hey y'all! I just heard that today was International Regifting Day-- which, of course, brought to

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Of Sock Monkeys, Road Trips, and Radio Shows

December 10, 2012No Comments

Hey y'all, we're driving in from Houston where we celebrated Connor's first birthday in full out

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Mary’s miracle didn’t stay all nice and tidy. Neither will ours.

December 6, 2012No Comments

Mary's miracle didn't stay all nice and tidy. Neither will ours. This link will take you to this

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Is it possible to look at suffering without looking away?

November 28, 20121 Comment

And now there are two. Really? 30 Days of Thankfulness seemed like a long time when we launched our

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No Fail Christmas Fudge

November 26, 2012No Comments

Oh, boy, the first batch of No Fail Christmas Fudge is ready! Seriously, it doesn't get easier. How

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ATS LIVE Gathering Gratitude, Giving Thanks

November 19, 2012No Comments

Hey y'all, I'm planning a Thanksgiving show this evening on ATSLIVE and I hope you'll join me! Super

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It’s Day 16 and I’m Grateful that Mercy Triumphs

November 16, 2012No Comments

It's the 16th day of 30 Days of Thankfulness. I'm relishing the notes of gratitude I see my family

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Caution: These Words have Staying Power

November 13, 2012No Comments

Words that will stay with you on this 13th Day of 30 Days of Thankfulness from the blog of Kimberly

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If parties, presidents, and politics could educate, legislate, and eradicate…

November 10, 20122 Comments

I wrote these words Wednesday morning, "An Open Letter to Both Sides of the Fence on this 7th

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An Open Letter to Both Sides of the Fence on this 7th Morning of 30 Days of Thankfulness

November 7, 201211 Comments

To my fellow Americans  A wise person once said that fences make good neighbors and surely

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Hazed by the Electoral College — Humor Relief for a Nail-biting Nation

November 6, 20123 Comments

Yes, I know "they" say you shouldn't blog more than once a day and I've already blabbed blogged once

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Cutting Through The Clutter

November 6, 20121 Comment

Writers and Readers Reach Out 2012 Backstory Here Who we are:  A group of writers and readers

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Actor/Director Michael Norris, son of martial arts expert Chuck Norris to visit ATS LIVE!

November 5, 2012No Comments

"When you're in Texas look behind you...for that's where the Ranger's gonna be..." Oh, yeah! I

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What I heard

November 5, 20122 Comments

And Jesus said, "Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God? Believe also in me." And I

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30 Days of Thankfulness- Day Four! This Sonday, I’m feeling grateful for my church family!

October 31, 20125 Comments

30 Days of Thankfulness-- Day Four! Authors, it's not to late to partner with us as we combine our

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I do these things so y’all want have to…

October 27, 20122 Comments

I woke up this morning craving hot chocolate. Were there any prepared mixes in the pantry? Of course

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Thirty Days of Thankfulness/Writers and Readers Reach Out #2012

October 24, 20124 Comments

It's that time, y'all! This Nov. 1st we will officially launch our 30 Days of Thankfulness here at

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Andy Andrews to Visit ATS LIVE t/row, Mon. the 22nd

October 21, 2012No Comments

Most of you know that Sunday evenings generally find me prepping for Monday evening's radio show. By

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Weekend Warriors

October 17, 20122 Comments

OH, the fun we had this past weekend when the Houston baby czars joined the Louisiana czars! Four

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Courtney Walsh to visit ATS LIVE, Monday the 8th

October 7, 2012No Comments

Heads up, freaders! (That's friend/readers for any newcomers.)  I do hope you're making plans to

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Spice tea + comfy jeans + cool weather = Bestseller? Oh, just say yes!

October 6, 2012No Comments

Awoke to an awesome Saturday. Temps have dropped and I have a free block of time to get some words

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