What I heard

November 5, 20122 Comments

And Jesus said, "Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God? Believe also in me." And I

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30 Days of Thankfulness- Day Four! This Sonday, I’m feeling grateful for my church family!

October 31, 20125 Comments

30 Days of Thankfulness-- Day Four! Authors, it's not to late to partner with us as we combine our

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I do these things so y’all want have to…

October 27, 20122 Comments

I woke up this morning craving hot chocolate. Were there any prepared mixes in the pantry? Of course

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Thirty Days of Thankfulness/Writers and Readers Reach Out #2012

October 24, 20124 Comments

It's that time, y'all! This Nov. 1st we will officially launch our 30 Days of Thankfulness here at

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Andy Andrews to Visit ATS LIVE t/row, Mon. the 22nd

October 21, 2012No Comments

Most of you know that Sunday evenings generally find me prepping for Monday evening's radio show. By

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Weekend Warriors

October 17, 20122 Comments

OH, the fun we had this past weekend when the Houston baby czars joined the Louisiana czars! Four

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Courtney Walsh to visit ATS LIVE, Monday the 8th

October 7, 2012No Comments

Heads up, freaders! (That's friend/readers for any newcomers.)  I do hope you're making plans to

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Spice tea + comfy jeans + cool weather = Bestseller? Oh, just say yes!

October 6, 2012No Comments

Awoke to an awesome Saturday. Temps have dropped and I have a free block of time to get some words

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Writing with the Stars meets The Story- A New Reality Radio Segment Premieres on ATSLIVE!

October 1, 20124 Comments

Fun! That's what it's going to be! I've been playing around with having an ATS LIVE segment that

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Photo Ops and the Big Drift

September 28, 20122 Comments

As I pulled my paddle through the water, and eased into prayer, the sun began peeking over the line

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Pumpkin Finery Ideas from My House to Yours

September 26, 2012No Comments

Hey y'all! I remember sharing this idea last year, but since I can't find a picture or post to prove

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“Plant the Seed” Austin Moody to visit ATS LIVE today, Monday 24th!

September 24, 2012No Comments

I'm in a full-out run today, laying tracks here at home for the taped radio segments that air daily

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My Happy First Day of Autumn Present to Y’all!

September 22, 2012No Comments

The Lucy Cookbook is a labor of pure love. It's all of my mother-in-law's recipes bound into one

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When Buildings Fell

September 11, 2012No Comments

We all know where we were.  My family and friends were far from any of the ghastly scenes but every

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Learning a Better Way the Hard Way

September 4, 20122 Comments

I was always taught that "If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything at all." I still

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