Whoever heard of a Pastimony?

May 11, 20124 Comments

Hey y'all! About to hit the road again. I'll be in Denham Springs, LA tonight at Cavalier House

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Red and Keggie Go Kayaking

May 8, 20126 Comments

  Captions left to right: "It's okay, Red! I haven't tumped over yet." "Dear Lord, why do I

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Zig Ziglar’s Daughter to Visit ATS LIVE Tomorrow

May 6, 20122 Comments

Hey y'all! I hope y'all are making plans to join me tomorrow afternoon for ATS LIVE, (that's 5:00 to

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On the road again!

May 5, 20122 Comments

No worries-- car isn't in motion! Pulled off for caffeine :)))) Memo.m4a

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New Eyes Seeing

May 4, 20128 Comments

My birthday may have come and gone, but the blessings of the day remain and y'all are high on the

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April’s Winner!

May 2, 20124 Comments

YIKES! I came home from the radio show Monday evening and promptly forgot to toss everyone's names

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Me and My Otter

April 28, 20124 Comments

I did it! It's windy here but I still took my new Otter out on a solo expedition and made it back to

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Drop by drop

April 26, 20124 Comments

"Are there not some of you who have set up a desired experience between yourselves and Jesus and are

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My Apologies to Shakespheare

April 24, 20128 Comments

Yikes! I opened the radio show yesterday in a most colorful and yet totally unintended way.  I had

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Learning to Live Before You Die

April 22, 201230 Comments

I'm guilty of doing this thing I don't want to do. Like all bad habits, it's hard to break. I catch

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Self-diagnosing at ATS

April 18, 20125 Comments

Self-diagnosing over on the website today, but here's that Youtube link for

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Praying and Snoring, Not Meant to Go Hand in Hand

April 17, 201223 Comments

Yes, I am strange. It's a life-long condition. With that preface aside, Dixie Belle and I hold hands

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Carey Bailey Visits ATS LIVE tomorrow

April 15, 2012No Comments

Oh, I remember these! Do you? Years ago, many of our moms and their friends fell in love with

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Paradise Ain’t Cheap

April 14, 2012No Comments

I took the following pictures a couple of weeks ago in Seaside, FL. You may remember me irritating

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Sitting on the dock by the lake, wasting time…

April 10, 20122 Comments

...and it felt good! So, I was writing on the back porch earlier this afternoon. The lake was

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I Knew Before I Heard It

April 7, 20124 Comments

The image I'll never forget, nor the sounds of agony, as I watched Him struggle up the hill to His

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A Dangerous Faith

April 5, 20122 Comments

The Passover Benjamin shivered in the morning air, a grave expression deepening the lines around his

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That’s a Good Question

March 31, 20122 Comments

And God said, "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me if you have

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Caroline and The Toilet Booger

March 29, 2012No Comments

Hey y'all, this is my weekly video posted at All Things Southern yesterday. It occured to me that

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When you “can’t get no satisfaction”

March 28, 2012No Comments

As the world wakes around me, this thought settles deep in my soul. I believe that as long as

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I Refuse to Grow Up

March 19, 20124 Comments

It's not all I thought it would be so I refuse to do it-- this growing up... The stillness of my

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Dancing Eyes Linger

March 18, 20122 Comments

Dancing eyes. I substituted in the children's class at church this morning and all afternoon I've

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Refreshing “Lemon Drop” Berries, Walnut & Greens Salad

March 16, 20122 Comments

A delicious salad from Becky and Rachel at We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook!  Becky is the wife of my CBA

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Motown Monday at ATS

March 12, 20124 Comments

Hey y'all! Busy day straight ahead but I wanted to share a thought from this morning's dock

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A thank you note from the bottom of my heart!

March 9, 201210 Comments

Hey folks, I need a visit with my friends. For those of you who aren't subscribed to the All Things

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