Backwards Beatitudes

August 18, 20122 Comments

I know. I've been MIA on the blog lately. I've found it challenging to keep all of the ATS balls in

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2nd Pew Left Hand Side, VBS & Deep and Wide

August 4, 201225 Comments

I'm sitting beside Mama's hospital bed watching her sleep and thinking about the heritage of love

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UPDATE concerning ATS LIVE today, Monday, 30th!

July 29, 201211 Comments

**** update open**** Frank Hoyt Taylor has had to reschedule. He won't be with us today. However,

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Duck Dynasty’s Kori Robertson to Visit ATS LIVE Monday the 23rd

July 18, 201211 Comments

Attention Duck Dynasty fans! Don't miss ATS LIVE this coming Monday, July 23rd. Kori Robertson will

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From Cecil Murphey’s Visit to ATS LIVE (Giveaway Cont’d)

July 11, 201212 Comments

New York Times best-selling author and international speaker CECIL (CEC) MURPHEY has written or

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Have You Ever Been Good and Lonely?

July 9, 2012No Comments

Have you ever been good and lonely? I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but it happens to me a

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(VIDEO) Happy Fourth of July from All Things Southern

July 2, 2012No Comments

Hey y'all! A quick note about today's ATS LIVE! It won't exactly be live. :) I've got the baby beau

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MaryBeth Whalen visits ATS LIVE today with “The Guest Book”

June 25, 2012No Comments

Hey y'all! It's Monday and I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to lay

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Reversing the Travesty, Step One (new post)

June 24, 2012No Comments

I'm sitting on the back porch thinking over the morning's events and contemplating the beautiful,

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Authors & Aspiring Writers need to see this Mind Mapping Memo from the Belle of All Things Southern

June 22, 20122 Comments

Happy Friday, folks! I love to bring y'all things that I find helpful and right now, I'm intrigued

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Movie Producer Rodney Ray from R-Squared Productions to visit ATS LIVE!

June 18, 2012No Comments

Hey y'all! Top of the Monday to everybody. I'm about to get crazy busy laying down some radio tracks

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What a Travesty

June 13, 20126 Comments

Travesty. I probably haven't used that word a handful of times in my whole life but it sprang to my

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Do Not Read Your Book Reviews!

June 10, 201210 Comments

Dear *Cat, I did it again. I didn't mean to, I promise. I had no intention of reading reviews last

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Is that a Hole in my Head?

June 7, 20124 Comments

I have scant time for this, but since my author friend Nicole Seitz thought I should share this

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NYT’s Bestselling Author Eric Blehm on ATSLIVE today

June 4, 20122 Comments

Hey y'all-- running around Monroe doing errands and realized I hadn't blogged the show. I hope

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Our Town Pauses to Remember

May 28, 20122 Comments

I just returned from our town's Memorial Day service on the banks of beautiful Lake Providence. The

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