A People Trick that May Change Your Life or Someone Who Crosses It

November 12, 20118 Comments

There's a little people trick I do on a regular basis. It's not a big deal. Many of y'all may

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Yo, Cats and Dogs– It’s all good

November 8, 201110 Comments

My friend River Jordan sent me a great picture yesterday. I only have to open my phone and look at

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One Belle’s Response to the NYT’s — Frankly, We Do Give a Rip

November 6, 20116 Comments

Yes, yes, and yes. I saw the piece in the New York Times, the one that suggested southern chivalry

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Author Friends, WannaBe Writers– You’ll Want to See This! #MYwana

November 5, 20111 Comment

Hey y'all, this is a quick post to my published author buddies and wannabe/gonnabe writer friends.

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Friday Foolishness Anyone?

November 4, 20112 Comments

Wow. I don't know about y'all but it has been one hard work week on this side of the screen! It

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Can I Say Here What I Was Too Chicken to Say There?

October 31, 20115 Comments

Dear friend, My heart broke this afternoon as I listened to your story and tried to understand even

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Southern Americana, Louisiana Book Festival & Tricia Goyer, all tomorrow on ATS LIVE!

October 30, 2011No Comments

How about a piece of Southern Americana? This is Mammy's Resturant. She stands south of Natchez, MS

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A Thanksgiving Challenge

October 20, 20119 Comments

*****I'm posting y'all, because this is our official All Things Southern Thanksgiving Challenge.

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ATS LIVE and My (Not So) Storybook Life!

October 16, 2011No Comments

Hey y'all, I'm fresh in from Bainbridge, GA (see post below) and running low on words this evening,

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Bainbridge knows how to throw a Belleabration!

October 16, 20116 Comments

It’s Sunday morning and I’m about to head for the airport, pointed towards home with a stack of

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Georgia on My Mind!

October 11, 20115 Comments

When one stops completing unpacking one's suitcase in favor of adding to and taking from it for the

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Q & A with a real agent on today on ATS LIVE!

October 10, 2011No Comments

No, silly! Not that kind of agent. :) Hey y'all! Are you dreaming of getting published and wondering

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Another round of the Caption Game, anyone?

October 4, 20113 Comments

Hey y'all, checking in quickly before I check out for the night. I've stuffed several days into one

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ATS LIVE t/row! A Call-In Extravaganza with the Belles of Southern Belleview

October 2, 20119 Comments

Hey y'all! It's Sunday evening and I should be prepping for tomorrow's ATS LIVE radio show but,

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Life Lessons from the ATS Baby Czars

September 29, 20115 Comments

Laugh with everything you've got   Cuddling is good therapy   Make do with what you've

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Storystacking on ATS LIVE this evening. Winners, Guests, Chuckles, Oh my!

September 26, 2011No Comments

First things first, I need your help! I'm having a hard time getting my Facebook friends to take me

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Templeton’s Weekend at the SIBA Fair

September 22, 201112 Comments

And now, without further ado, I bring you the promised SIBA report with a warning, I'm fairly sure

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Misc. Monday, Madness, and the return of the Caption Game

September 19, 20116 Comments

Hey everyone! Just got back from a birthday lunch with family. (Happy Birthday GrandBuzzy!) Thinking

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Let’s Play the Caption Game

September 15, 20117 Comments

I'll go first. "Do I have to do EVERYTHING?"

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Update: What the Mighty Mississippi Did This Spring

September 14, 20114 Comments

Many of you will remember that this past spring my small town was  living under the threat of a main

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How Well Do You Know Sue Ellen?

September 12, 20111 Comment

Hey y'all-- I recently joined Goodreads and I'm trying to find my way around that community to visit

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Where were you… 9/11/2001

September 10, 20116 Comments

It's familiar in the most painful way, this need to wring my thoughts out onto the page, that I

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Butter beats Wart Hog Handsdown!

September 10, 20111 Comment

I had so much fun with this week's video that I thought I'd post it here on the blog too-- just in

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September 5, 2011No Comments

Unless a grain of wheat dies it won't produce a harvest. Likewise, in dying to self we can become a

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Purple Pink Dock Devotions

September 1, 20116 Comments

Hey y'all,  brief post here, but I wanted to make good on that pic promise I made y'all a couple

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