Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce!


Okay, I can't stand it. I've got to stop and tell y'all more about the project I'm working on called Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce. It's a cookbook/memoir, scheduled for an October 2016 release by Barbour Publishing and I'm super excited about it for a host of reasons. For starters, long-time readers have been asking me to compile a cookbook for more than a decade now. (If you're in that number, thank you-- and may I remind you of the old saying "better late than never"?) I'm delighted to let y'all know that you've been heard! I'm also pumped about the project because the good folks at Barbour have given me a ton of creative license with the narrative that will surround 125 recipes and 80 full color photographs. By that I mean that I don't have to separate my love of humor and … [Read more...]

Carey Bailey Visits ATS LIVE tomorrow


Oh, I remember these! Do you? Years ago, many of our moms and their friends fell in love with  these Daily Bread loaves in their little plastic boxes. Tomorrow on ATS LIVE we'll do a version of: "That was then, this is now" as Carey Bailey (recovering perfectionist, wife, proud mama and Family Life director for her church in Surprise, Arizona) joins us to share an updated version for our 21st selves-- Cravings, The Devotional for busy women everywhere! Carey's publicist sent me one a while back. It sits on my nightstand,  ready to offer me and my super tired farmer man a bit of sweet word and a devotional thought to enjoy together before we close our eyes.   In other words, don't let the "pink" fool you, folks. I'm going to have to tell Carey that it's not so gender-specific, after … [Read more...]