Who You Lookin’ At?!


I just love today's prompt! Not because the words are mine, but because the grace it celebrates is all Jesus.  Read the Holy Words first and let the tense of the verse sink in as you consider the wonder working blood of Christ. It's not how well we can monitor the messy places of our hearts, hoping we're doing a good job of keeping ourselves 'fessed up and forgiven. Our role is to walk in the Light and the One who ever lives will ever cleanse. That's the kind of revelation that will turn a pew warmer into a passionate follower. And now, that prompt I was talking about...There's a lot of kitchen duty ahead and with it will come untold hand-washings-- and countless opportunities to celebrate Jesus, the God who came to be in the middle of it all, to forgive us one and all. Merry, Merry … [Read more...]

When Our Quest in Misguided


This past July I was sitting underneath a whirling fan on my back porch with a huge glass of sweet tea at my side, typing out the daily devos that would become our Heart Wide Open journey. At the time, I had no idea what the Advent season held for my immediate family and that I would be needier than ever for my sweet Jesus come December. But He knew. He moved me to write words for all of us knowing full well that He would use them to strengthen me in the days ahead.  We'll talk more in the next few days, more about this amazing God who is with us, who meets us every morning with unfailing love and faithfulness. Oh, friends, everything we think we need from others is found in acknowledging Him. Let's take the message of our devo with us today and see how often today we can turn our … [Read more...]

A Heart Wide Open Christmas


Welcome! If you've landed here without a clue as to what's going on, you can read all about A Heart Wide Open Christmas here. For those of you ready to kick off our journey together, I'm about to bust to get started, but first a reminder. Beginning tomorrow morning, our Advent Invitation will blog hop! Here's the breakdown.  Tricia Goyer will have December 1st-5th, Dr. Joneal Kirby will have December 6th-10th, Marybeth Whalen will have December 11th-15tth, Mary Synder will have December 16th-20th, and the blog hop will conclude with December 21st-25th right back here. Don't worry! Each author will keep you informed on where to go next. Blessings, y'all. I feel God's pleasure with our desire to celebrate His Son well this season! Now, let's get to it! A Heart Wide Open Christmas - … [Read more...]

They Got Me!


My grown kids surprised me at Christmas. It was a wow moment, a tear-jerker, a really cool surprise. Y’all may remember that back during the summer, I told y'all about an awesome template that helps you to produce a very special biography. It's called "Where I'm From." I loved the exercise so much that I shared it with friends and family, immediate and extended, and did everything in my power to encourage everyone to sit down and compose their own. My enthusiastic efforts were met with minimal response, or so I thought. This Christmas our grown children presented their father and me with a frame containing their own “Where I’m From” poems. Tears were shed as it was read aloud. Word is the daughter had to hound the son to make it happen, but he did it, bless his heart. Phillip turned … [Read more...]