(New Post) Who Needs Facebook


Facebook can be a drain on your time...if you let it. Sometimes Facebook seems more like Drama Book and that can drive me crazy...if I let it. Like so many other things in life, Facebook will be what you let it be. I've been offline since Friday afternoon around two o'clock when my laptop decided to eat my files and drift into a coma with neither a burp or thank you. I've been using my limited tech skills on it without success until I can get to the computer store Monday. It remains to be seen whether anything in it will be salvageable or not. Sigh. Thankfully, the last manuscript had been backed up AND sent to my editor. Can you say HALLELUJAH?! Sadly, however, included in the missing files would be what I had written this past week, the content that I need to tape Monday … [Read more...]

Storystacking on ATS LIVE this evening. Winners, Guests, Chuckles, Oh my!


First things first, I need your help! I'm having a hard time getting my Facebook friends to take me seriously and it's putting their very social media lives on the line. I don't know what to do about it. I thought I'd mention this to y'all here on the blogosphere and see if y'all have any suggestions. It started when I noticed that many, many, many people were posting status updates that read like this: FACEBOOK JUST RELEASED THEIR PRICE GRID FOR MEMBERSHIP. $9.99 PER MONTH FOR GOLD MEMBER SERVICES, $6.99 PER MONTH FOR SILVER MEMBER SERVICES, $3.99 PER MONTH FOR BRONZE MEMBER SERVICES, FREE IF YOU COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. WHEN YOU SIGN ON TOMORROW MORNING YOU WILL BE PROMPTED FOR PAYMENT INFO...IT IS OFFICIAL IT WAS EVEN ON THE NEWS. FACEBOOK WILL START … [Read more...]