Toilet Booger Telling at Shellie TV

Hello dear readers! I thought I’d let y’all know there’s a new video clip up on Shellie TV. It’s a Toilet Booger story I shared with the Cowgirl Convention in Tyler, TX!. I hope y’all enjoy! Do feel free to share and warn your loved ones of the dangers lurking out there. Hugs, Shellie

Caroline and The Toilet Booger

Hey y’all, this is my weekly video posted at All Things Southern yesterday. It occured to me that all of my blog readers may not know the website  features are updated weekly.  Heck, you may not even know I have a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to in order to get those features delivered straight to your email… Read More

Pulpwood Queen Bound!

Pink feather hat, boa, tiara, clown outfit, marketing material– check,check, check, and oh mercy I’m sure I’m overlooking something! Yes, indeed, it’s that time again. This weekend I’ll return to the Pulpwood Queen’s Girlfriend Weekend Greatest Show on Earth in Jefferson, TX to present my latest book, Sue Ellen’s Girl Ain’t Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy! A… Read More

Friday Foolishness Anyone?

Wow. I don’t know about y’all but it has been one hard work week on this side of the screen! It surprised me, too, because there wasn’t any traveling in it, meaning I thought I was going to be able to kick back a little. HA! That said, I’ve wrapped all the pressing deadlines and I’m feeling a little… Read More

Q & A with a real agent on today on ATS LIVE!

No, silly! Not that kind of agent. Hey y’all! Are you dreaming of getting published and wondering where to start? Have you written that book but have no idea where to turn? Could you use some insider information? Yeah, I thought so. Regular correspondance with the All Things Southern porchers has revealed a number of aspiring writers… Read More

Misc. Monday, Madness, and the return of the Caption Game

Hey everyone! Just got back from a birthday lunch with family. (Happy Birthday GrandBuzzy!) Thinking of how I owe y’all a post from this weekend’s SIBA event in South Carolina and I will get to it, yes I will. I have tons of stories and pics piled up for y’all, but right now I’m prepping… Read More