The Caption Game Returns

lucy and asher

One of my longtime readers sent in this picture a couple of days ago. Jim from Nebraska told me that the picture was taken at snack time. He had told the girls (that's Lucy to your right and Asher to the left) to "Suck in your stomachs and look good.”  He added that it dawned on him later where the phrase came from and so he had to pass it on. I'm glad he did! I've kept it in the inbox ever since because it makes me smile.  It seems, therefore, a most natural progression to want to share it with y'all!  Now, I think it'd be fun to combine it with our caption game. I'll go first but I do hope y'all will join in. I do hate it when the blog echos! "We're getting a CAT, you say?! WHY?" *afterthought-- Okay, one comment about bacon tacos and I've decided I love this game and hearing your ideas … [Read more...]