Praying and Snoring, Not Meant to Go Hand in Hand


Yes, I am strange. It's a life-long condition. With that preface aside, Dixie Belle and I hold hands occasionally during our early morning prayer times. This morning she tired of praying earlier than usual. Maybe it was the drizzling rain falling on the other side of the screened in porch... I'm just saying that it is difficult to pray when someone is beside you snoring. Loudly. Hugs, Shellie *On a side note, I love to read your comments but my site stats tell me that there are tons more visitors to my blog than commentors? Thou art confusing me, sweet reader. I love to hear from you. And to prove it-- for the rest of April, anyone who leaves a comment box will get his or her name thrown in a pot. I'll send out a signed copy of Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy to a … [Read more...]