Touring The Redneck Radio Studio

Hey y'all! I'm making good on a promise I made a while back to let y'all tour the Redneck Radio Studio. Back story-- every Monday morning I set up the Redneck Radio Studio to tape a week's worth of the All Things Southern daily radio features.  These three-minute segments will then be mixed and sent to my radio affiliates across the country. ( A short time later, I take the studio down and drive in to Monroe to host the ATS LIVE talk show at the Radio People Studios. ) But, perhaps you're wondering just how it is that I "set up" and "take down" my studio. Watch closely, grasshopper and I will show you how it's done. First, a look at the desk in my great room as it is when the The Redneck Radio Studio is not in operation. And now, the steps to creating a studio. It's simple, … [Read more...]