Toilet Booger Telling at Shellie TV


Hello dear readers! I thought I'd let y'all know there's a new video clip up on Shellie TV. It's a Toilet Booger story I shared with the Cowgirl Convention in Tyler, TX!. I hope y'all enjoy! Do feel free to share and warn your loved ones of the dangers lurking out there. Hugs, Shellie … [Read more...]

Bless Their Hearts


Hey y'all, I'm super excited! Should have the new All Things Southern "Bless Their Hearts" t-shirts available by the end of January! Hope to have them at the book table when I speak at the Texas Cowgirl Convention! I'm planning to offer them in dark chocolate, hot pink, lime green, and this gorgeous blue! Oh, I'm also bringing back the "If You're Southern and You Know It, Say Amen" design, as it was the big seller from the last season I did shirts. What 'cha think?H Hugs, Shellie … [Read more...]

“Plant the Seed” Austin Moody to visit ATS LIVE today, Monday 24th!


I'm in a full-out run today, laying tracks here at home for the taped radio segments that air daily on my affiliates in what I fondly call the "Redneck Radio Studio" (I really must document it with pics soon) -- and then it's on to Monroe for errands and this afternoon's production of ATS LIVE the Radio Show! My special guest today is Austin Moody, son of Kingsport, Tennessee and rising country music star. If you haven't been turned on to Austin's music yet, scoot over to his website and listen to a clip of his new single, "Plant the Seed."  You'll be charmed by his smooth, deep vocals (and ladies, I promise he won't hurt your eyeballs, either!) Afterwards, make plans to join us this evening. ATS LIVE is aired locally on KMBL Talk50 and streams LIVE through this listening link on my … [Read more...]

My Happy First Day of Autumn Present to Y’all!


The Lucy Cookbook is a labor of pure love. It's all of my mother-in-law's recipes bound into one keepsake, pulled together by my sister-in-law, Sandy. Mawmaw Lucy had lost her battle with Alzheimer's by the time the project was finished, making the handwritten recipes that much more of a treasure to all of us. The other night I pulled it out and began browsing the familiar pages again. It felt like Lucy was right here with me, especially since the recipes, well-- some of them are hard to decipher. As I joked that evening, "The woman never could pass on a recipe." The best cooks can't, you know. Take for instance the Cheese Krispies here. I've had a hankering for them for two days now. I was in the middle of making them this afternoon when I realized that MawMaw mentions garlic in the … [Read more...]

2nd Pew Left Hand Side, VBS & Deep and Wide


I'm sitting beside Mama's hospital bed watching her sleep and thinking about the heritage of love and self-sacrifice she's given this family.  Maybe it's the nostalgia of the moment, but I keep thinking about some words I wrote this week about family. It has me wanting to share them with any of you who may not follow Southern Belleview. (FYI, Southern Belleview is a site where I join four other authors who are "down write southern" in a weekly free-for-all on whatever topic we decide to launch. I would love it if you would sign up over there, too!) This week we did an exercise where you develop your unique biography by filling in the blanks of a template. Here's mine. Where I'm From I am from gumbo thick farming ground running alongside the Mississippi River, from Pixi Stix Candy Straws … [Read more...]