Today on ATS LIVE — author and speaker Denise Hildreth Jones


Hey y'all-- busy day straight ahead! I'm laying radio tracks here at the home of ATS this a.m.   I'll be guest taping on Girlfriend TV, a division of On Fire Minstries after lunch! I'll share with y'all when and where you can catch that on tv when I get the details. :)     This evening, I'll be on air with y'all at ATS LIVE, that's TALK 540 KMLB out of Monroe, LA from 5:00 to 6:00 CST. The streaming link is:     My on air guest today will be author and international speaker Denise Hildreth Jones and I'm so looking forward to her visiting the All Things Southern porch. Denise is an exceptional writer and just a way cool person all around. Don't miss this one!   We'll be talking about two of … [Read more...]