Touring The Redneck Radio Studio

Hey y’all! I’m making good on a promise I made a while back to let y’all tour the Redneck Radio Studio.

Back story– every Monday morning I set up the Redneck Radio Studio to tape a week’s worth of the All Things Southern daily radio features.  These three-minute segments will then be mixed and sent to my radio affiliates across the country. ( A short time later, I take the studio down and drive in to Monroe to host the ATS LIVE talk show at the Radio People Studios. )

But, perhaps you’re wondering just how it is that I “set up” and “take down” my studio. Watch closely, grasshopper and I will show you how it’s done. First, a look at the desk in my great room as it is when the The Redneck Radio Studio is not in operation.

And now, the steps to creating a studio. It’s simple, really.  A belle just takes a blanket and a couple floral bedspreads and using hooks hid during the week behind the cornice boards and via small plastic rings sewn into the corners of the fabric panels, she secures the “waffle boards” of the studio to the windows, partitioning off the studio to deliver the sound quality she’s after! Voila! Behold, in the last two pics of the collage I take you into The Redneck Radio Studio!

So, who else do you know who can fold their studio up and put it in the closet until it’s needed again? That’s what I thought. Once again, belle ingenuity gets it done! :)

And now you know the rest of the story.

Hugs, Shellie


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